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Sanitizing and disinfecting

House Cleaning Services in Nairobi

We have extensive expertise in providing disinfecting cleaning services in Kenya, catering to a wide range of establishments including homes, offices, factories, medical facilities, commercial spaces, and industrial areas. In today’s unprecedented times, marked by concerns surrounding COVID-19, Influenza, and various other viruses, ensuring the proper sanitization of your facility is more critical than ever. At Kevitec, we offer reliable home sanitizing services in Nairobi, as well as disinfecting cleaning services in Nairobi, employing a comprehensive approach.

When you choose Kevitec for disinfection services, our highly trained staff takes charge of all your sanitizing requirements, utilizing industrial-grade chemicals and employing professional techniques. Our Disinfection and Sanitization Treatments encompass a blend of multiple indoor disinfectant cleaning methods, ensuring comprehensive coverage of both common areas and those harder to reach within your business facility. Tailoring our approach to suit the specific needs of your property, our dedicated professionals meticulously wipe down surfaces, utilize misting techniques, and employ aerosol devices to effectively fog your entire business facility, from floor to ceiling, with our potent disinfectant solution during each sanitization treatment.

To ensure optimal results, we utilize top-grade cleaning products and approved disinfectants that are specifically suitable for various surfaces. Our diligent staff strictly adheres to instructions for the safe and effective use of cleaning products, taking all necessary precautions into account. This includes wearing protective gloves and ensuring adequate ventilation during the application process. Trust Kevitec to deliver exceptional disinfecting cleaning services in Kenya and home sanitizing services in Nairobi, safeguarding your premises with thorough sanitization protocols.


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    Single room: Kes 2500
    Bedsitter: Kes 2500
    Double room: 3000
    1 Bedroom: Kes 4500
    2 Bedroom: Kes 5500
    3 Bedroom: Kes 6500
    4 Bedroom: Kes 7000
    5 Bedroom: Kes 7800
    Kitchen only: Kes 2500
    Lockers: Kes 100
    Institution beds: Kes 100

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